PROPEL Orthodontics

A fast, gentle way to accelerate your orthodontic treatment.

We are excited to offer VPro+ from Propel Orthodontics. VPro+, along with Dr. Lauren and Dr. Dean’s expertise, can be used during your orthodontics to reduce your overall treatment time and relieve any orthodontic discomfort. The device operates at a high frequency, delivering gentle vibrations to give you the best orthodontic treatment yet. And get this, you only have to use it for 5 minutes a day!

So, how does PROPEL work?

PROPEL works with your own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth. It helps your teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. This allows you to see your new smile faster and requires fewer visits to our office.

Faster, more comfortable treatment in just 5 minutes




Good vibes, better treatment<

High frequency vibration, like the vibration delivered from the VPro+, improves orthodontic treatment both mechanically and biologically. This unique vibration profile can lead to many orthodontic benefits:

  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64%

  • Accelerated Tooth Movement

  • Reduced Discomfort

  • Improved Predictability

  • Optimal Aligner Seating

  • Assists in Retainer Wear

VPro+ Features

  • Quick 5 Minute Wear Time

  • Wireless Charging

  • Waterproof Vibration Device

  • Compact Travel Case

  • Patient Mobile App